“Get Brexit Done” says the campaign slogan, but with the world in a state of turmoil, not much has hit the headlines about Brexit. Considering there are only 21 days until the third deadline looms, this is a concern for many holidaymakers waiting until Brexit passes to book their summer break.

Yesterday, however, seemed to be a turning point. UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson’s Brexit bill was passed by The House of Commons by 330 to 231. The long-awaited Withdrawal Agreement will now be given to The House of Lords next week, and although it faces scrutiny it is unlikely the bill will be rejected.

The journey to leave the EU has been far from simple, and whilst Boris Johnson and fellow politicians appear confident only time will tell if the UK has made the right decision. In the next coming weeks, it is hoped announcements will be made regarding the changes Brexit will bring – particularly for the travel industry. So far, speculation has been rife but very little has been confirmed. Ireland has reassured UK holidaymakers that the current Common Travel Agreement will continue. Those travelling to mainland Europe, however, are expressing concern about the EHIC, travel delays, passport changes and the cost of travel insurance – to name a few.

It is unlikely the travel industry will change overnight. Like other aspects of the Withdrawal Agreement, there will be a transition period where changes will come into effect and over time and any creases will be ironed out. The transitional period is yet to be confirmed.

So, what do we know will happen on January 31st 2020? It is believed, the newly refurbished Big Ben will mark the UK leaving the EU. After that, Boris Johnson will get to work to ensure all agreements are met. There is a long road ahead for the UK, but it would seem Boris has finally succeeded where others have fallen and Got Brexit Done.

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