Several airlines across the globe have started getting creative with their services in an attempt to recover from the damage caused by the Covid-19 outbreak.

Airlines such as Air Asia and Air Canada have recently introduced a new scheme that allows passengers to buy a pass and travel on as many flights as they like, within a one, two, or three-month period.

The pass also permits travellers to change or cancel their flight up to an hour before it’s due to depart, without having to pay any additional cost. Passes are only available for a limited amount of time and have been selling fast.

So, the question is, could airlines within the European Union (EU) follow in the footsteps of Air Asia and Air Canada, and introduce a scheme that permits EU citizens to travel between the different Schengen countries for a set fee? Could this be a step in the right direction to save the aviation and travel industry?

While there have been no reports of any UK or EU airlines currently looking to take part in a similar scheme, if this was to be introduced as a means of getting people to travel again, then those looking to take part would need to make sure that they have adequate travel insurance to protect both themselves and their trips.

With no limit on the number of flights tourists could take, it would be far more cost-effective for holidaymakers to invest in an annual multi-trip policy that meets their exact needs. That way, they’d be covered for every single trip made within any 12-month period and they wouldn’t have to purchase a new policy every time they felt like going on holiday.

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