Subtropical storm, Alberto, hit Laguna Beach, Florida on Monday 28th May 2018.

Thousands of people were evacuated as the Governments of Florida, Mississippi and Alabama declared a state of emergency in the three areas prior to the storm, which held a wind force of up to 45 MPH.

The storm is currently moving across Alabama, and is expected to affect the Great Lakes region on Wednesday 30th May and Thursday 31st May 2018 with flooding being the biggest worry.

There are concerns that the continued heavy rainfall, high winds and tornadoes will cause power cuts, fallen trees and further damage to standing structures.
Holidaymakers looking to travel to the US, should be aware that the Atlantic hurricane season occurs between June to November, with Alberto being the first storm to hit this year.
Tourists already in the area may be looking to come home early, and those who are yet to travel may want to cancel their holiday. So, what cover would you expect from your travel insurance?

Those looking to cancel their holiday should check their policy wording carefully for Force Majeure (climate conditions) cover or if their policy covers ‘cancellation for any cause beyond their reasonable control.’ It is worth noting, travel insurance will not offer cover if you decide that you no longer wish to go on holiday due to the storm, this is called disinclination to travel, and is an exclusion under all travel insurance policies.

Tourists already in the US should bear in mind that curtailment cover will not be available unless medically necessary. If the travel insurance policy offers cover for Force Majeure, your travel insurer may arrange alternative accommodation or transport.

It is important to note any travel insurance policies purchased after Monday 28th May 2018 will not provide Force Majeure cover related to this particular storm as it is a ‘known event’.