One of the worlds most active volcanos has erupted killing a man in his 30s and injuring several others. Located on the small Italian island of Stromboli, the volcano has been in a state of eruption since the 1930’s.

Around 70 people have already been evacuated and the Navy has been called in to assist if the need for a mass evacuation arises. Firefights are currently on the scene tackling flames.

The eruption was heard from 17 miles away and a huge ash cloud has blanketed the sky.

The small Italian island is popular with tourists and, according to the BBC, is scattered with holiday homes of the rich and famous.

The extent of the damage caused by the eruption has not been announced, and it is not known if flights have been affected by the ash cloud.

Holidaymakers currently near the eruption, who wish to move to alternative accommodation, should check their travel insurance for force majeure cover. Whilst this will not cover for curtailment (returning home early) it will cover costs associated with moving to alternative accommodation if necessary. The terms will differ between policies, so check the policy wording.

Those that are yet to travel should be aware that travel insurance will not cover disinclination to travel. Cancellation will be available if the policy offers cover for force majeure and the flights, accommodation or surrounding area has been affected. Policies which offer cancellation for any cause may also assist with recuperating costs.

Tour operators and travel agents may be able to alter the booking dates or location, so holidaymakers who have booked through a company should speak to them directly.