Travelling with little ones isn’t easy, what with all the airport queues, endless waiting, and having to sit in one place for hours on end – especially if you’re flying long haul…

It’s safe to say everyone has witnessed a parent trying to soothe a frustrated child on a flight whilst faced with tuts and looks of disapproval – and Air New Zealand want to put a stop to this.

Changes to the airlines ‘Skycouch’, which has been available since 2011, are pending certification and regulatory approvals but, if approved, will mean parents can book a row of three seats which can be converted to lay flat so children can either rest or play comfortably.

In addition, children will be able to lay side by side to rest or and adult can lay with their baby with the introduction of the new infant pod – previously only two adults or an adult and a child could travel together laying down.

This innovation is set to be a lifesaver on long haul flights and will mean both parents and their children can get some much-needed rest and arrive at their destination feeling refreshed and ready to enjoy their holiday.

At present, Air New Zealand is the only company to offer the ‘Skycouch’, but hopefully, once success is evident, more airlines will adopt the rules to help make travelling that little less stressful.

It is worth bearing in mind, travelling is not the only thing that can induce stress on the run up to a holiday; many families, who have paid out for their summer holiday may be concerned about an unforeseen event happening causing them to cancel the holiday and lose their money.

However, making sure you take out travel insurance as soon as you pay your holiday deposit will mean that should you need to cancel, you will be covered – and for extra piece of mind, look for a policy that will cover ‘cancellation for any cause beyond your reasonable control’.

As well as cancellation, if you have booked entry tickets or event tickets – to theme parks for example – it may be worth looking for a policy that will offer cover for pre-paid tickets if you are not able to make the trip and they cannot be refunded from elsewhere. Also, be sure to check the cover available is high enough to cover the overall cost of the tickets.

This type of cover may be difficult to find on a price comparison site, so be sure to read the policy wording carefully or contact the insurer direct.