This year’s Farnborough International Air Show has been hit with all of your favourite airlines rushing to get their hands on new aircraft for their fleet.

Qatar Airways signed a deal with Boeing, the popular aircraft manufacture, for 5 new Boeing 777 planes to join their fleet, costing just over 1.25 billion dollars. The airline, who wants to ensure they maintain their high levels of customer service is one of the first to recognise just how comfortable these models are for both customers and crew and with a top speed of up to 590mph, it will allow the airline to make up time on route to help decrease delays upon departure or arrival.

Boeing 777’s are already owned by well-known airlines including British Airways, Singapore Airlines and Emirates and are commonly used for long-haul flights.

So, what’s so special about the 777 an dhow does it benefit those travelling by air?

With a deeper seat recline and more legroom in economy than other aircraft, you can see why 77% of European airline passengers prefer the Boeing 777 over other aircraft such as the Airbus A330/A340. Selecting the wrong aircraft type, especially on long haul routes, can affect the airlines reputation so it’s imperative airlines get this right.

The Boeing 777 has been commended for offering passengers ‘total personal space’ to make their flight more enjoyable and to help those who are anxious fliers feel more at ease. With 34.6 million flights taking around 3 billion people on holiday a year, it’s important to ensure that the experience is enjoyable.

The number of delayed flights in the UK is said to be increasing due to strike action across Europe, and although the Boeing 777 has the capability of making up time in the air, passengers are still left feeling frustrated.

We’ve already seen quite a lot of disruption across UK airports this summer, so passengers should make sure they have a travel insurance policy that will offer compensation for delayed flights. Generally speaking, travel insurers will offer a small amount of compensation for each set block of time you are delayed, usually around £20 for every 12 hours, however there are a few insurers that will offer £100 for every block of 6 hours delayed. It is also worth nothing, most travel insurers will allow you to cancel your holiday if you are delayed for more than 2 hours, with few offering this cover after 12 hours.

If you are travelling at a peak period when delays, and the knock-on effect of these issues are common, it may be worth looking for a policy that has a more generous cover for delays.

It’s not too late to see for yourself what the future holds for air travel, tickets for the open public weekend at the Farnborough International Air Show (21-22 July) are still available to buy. With over 600 exhibitors, 150 aircraft and 5 hours of unforgettable flying it’s a great day out for all the family.