Passengers who had flights booked with Emirates airlines were initially offered travel vouchers causing frustration for those who simply wanted a refund.

The airline has now amended its coronavirus cancellation policy in accordance with EU regulations. According to The Independent,

‘Passengers who have tickets issued before 31 May 2020, for travel before 31 August 2020, can apply immediately for a refund. Travellers are able to ask for their money back, even if they have already accepted a voucher or opted to keep their ticket for future journey.’

Alternatively, holidaymakers will be able to hold onto to their ticket for a period of two years and five weeks and will be able to use their ticket for the same route with no additional charges.

The change comes in light of a statement from Emirates Chief Commercial Officer, Adnan Kazim,

‘We sincerely hope that our customers will choose to rebook and fly with us again at a later time, and that is why we’re offering up to two years validity on their current tickets.’

What are my rights if my flight has been cancelled?

Passengers whose flights have been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic should receive a full refund from their airline under European regulation EC261. Holidaymakers should contact their airlines directly if they have been affected.

If my flight has been cancelled, will my travel insurance cover me?

Passengers should check their policy wordings to see what cover they may be entitled to under their travel insurance policy. They may be offered a small amount of compensation to cover the cost of food, drink and accommodation where suitable.