Passengers flying from Bristol Airport are warned of delays after a plane left the runway while taxing this morning. The flight landing into Bristol from Frankfurt was carrying 25 people, none of which are reported to have been injured.

Passengers on-board were escorted to the terminal via a coach and staff have been working to clear the runway. Flights into Bristol have been diverted and those flying from Bristol are being urged to check with their airline for the latest updates on delays.

If your flight has been delayed, under EU law the airline is responsible for re-scheduling the flight and providing compensation for refreshments and accommodation – the level of compensation available will differ between airlines so it is best to check.

Those who are delayed for 24 hours or more may be able to claim for cancellation under their travel insurance policy. There may also be a small amount of compensation available for each set block of time you are delayed (i.e. every full twelve hours you are delayed or, under some policies, every full 6 hours you are delayed) for refreshments.

It is one of the busiest times of the year for airports as people head off for their Christmas break or to visit family so, when travelling to the airport, be sure to leave plenty of time for traffic delays.