Those hoping to travel to Germany to commemorate the fall of the Berlin Wall on it’s 30th anniversary this Saturday are likely to see their travel plans disrupted. Cabin crew working for the German airline, Lufthansa are staging a 48-hour walk out on the 7th and 8th November. Represented by the UFO union, the staff are in dispute with the airline over pay and working conditions.

The airline has announced it’s considering taking legal action to stop the strike from going ahead. Cabin crew were supposed to strike in October, but it was called off at the last minute.

Lufthansa are working on an alternative flight schedule; however, disruptions are still likely.

Under EU law, if a flight is cancelled due to strike action the airline must either offer a full refund or find passengers an alternative flight as close to their original departure time as possible, either on their planes or with another airline. The latter is known as a re-route option.

Passengers will also be entitled to food and accommodation, if necessary, whilst they are waiting for their alternative flight.

Although it has not been confirmed, passengers may also be entitled to claim compensation from the Lufthansa. According to EU law, if the strike action is within the airlines control to prevent and they have not allowed passengers 14-days’ notice then compensation should be paid.

Those who have taken out a travel insurance policy that offers cover for departure delay will be able to claim a small amount of compensation from their provider. Generally, this compensation is available after a delay of 12 hours and a set amount will be paid per 12-hour block. Compensation amounts and timings will differ between travel insurance companies so be sure to check the policy wording before submitting a claim.