For the majority of holidaymakers the flight abroad is safe, enjoyable and most importantly, uneventful. But for those who are unlucky enough to be faced with drunk and disorderly behaviour, we have good news. The One Too Many Campaign, led by the Government’s Aviation Industry, is cracking down on passengers who display alcohol-fuelled rowdiness. Those causing disruption could face a fine of up to £80,000 or even an airline ban.

Disruptive incidents before the flight and even whilst in the air can range from an annoyance, to a serious safety threat for everyone aboard the aircraft. Although reports show that alcohol is mainly to blame, it is not the only cause of misbehaviour.

According to the ‘One Too Many’ site, passengers will face the following penalties for disrupting a flight;

  • Boarding will be denied for any passenger that’s deemed unfit to fly due to too much alcohol consumption.
  • A fine of £5,000 will be given to anyone who delays the flight.
  • A fine of £80,000 will be given to anyone who disrupts the flight whilst in the air, resulting in a diversion.
  • Passengers could face two years in prison for disrupting the flight.
  • And finally, passengers will receive a lifetime ban from the airline if they cause a flight to be cancelled.

If fines, imprisonment and bans aren’t enough, passengers that are not able to reach their holiday destination, due to their behaviour, will not be eligible to claim back any costs from their travel insurance company as they do not cover any claims if you are refused boarding or arrested.

As a warning to passengers travelling abroad this summer, airports across the UK will be displaying the new penalties on screens throughout the airport.

Over the past couple of months, instances of anti-social behaviour have been recorded and shared across social media by disgruntled passengers. The most recent being a passenger on a Ryanair flight, though to be part of a stag-do, who was filmed screaming at passengers and becoming verbally abusive towards the staff. The offender was detained by local police.