For the first time in three years British tourists are travelling to Tunisia with tour operator, Thomas Cook. The company is the first to offer package holidays to the destination following the terror attack which killed 38 people, 30 of then British, in Sousse.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office, who previously advised against all travel to the country, has stated that security across major cities and tourists resorts in Tunisia has been improved but tourists should still be on high alert.

Thomas Cook have said they are not expecting anywhere near the volume of bookings received in 2014.
It is understandable Brits will be apprehensive about booking a holiday to Tunisia, so what cover should you be looking for to make sure your travel insurance is suitable?
It should be pointed out that if a terror attack was to occur before you travel and you no longer wish to go to the country, travel insurance will not cover for this. Having said that, if your policy covers ‘cancellation for any cause beyond your reasonable control’ you may be able to claim back any unused expenses that you cannot get back elsewhere. These policies are few and far between and not usually found on price comparison sites so you may need to go to the insurer direct.

If a terror attack was to occur whilst you are on holiday, travel insurance will not cover for curtailment (coming home early) unless it is medically necessary.
For more information on terrorism travel advice click here.

TUI will be resuming package holidays to Tunisia from May 2018, and it is not yet known which other travel agents or tour operators will follow suit.