Passengers due to travel from Paris to London has been advised not to do so unless it is necessary. French customs officers have gone on strike causing long delays and the cancellation of several trains that were due to travel over the next three days, including three of today’s services.

Customs officers are demanding for better working conditions and an increase in pay. As well as requesting a rise in staff numbers to aid border control after Brexit which is still due to take place on March 29th 2019.

Passengers due to travel on any of the cancelled services to London are entitled to change their ticket free of charge or claim a refund for any unused ticket.

Compensation for delays is not likely to be offered by Eurostar due to the nature of the delays, however passengers are advised to check their travel insurance policy as some will offer to a small amount for refreshments and necessities, provided they have been checked in.

This compensation from travel insurers is paid per block amount of time passengers are delayed. For example, passengers will be entitled to £10 for every 12-hour block they are delayed. This cover will vary between insurers with some offering higher amounts of compensation and a shorter time-frame so passengers should check this before claiming.

The strike is expected to continue until Tuesday 19th March 2019, however the delays as a result of the strike are expected to last for a number of days.

Eurostar have advised delays of up to two hours.

Disgruntled passengers have taken to social media to voice their upset, with many stating that despite Eurostar claiming their will be two-hour delays, they have been waiting for over four hours.

With uncertainty surrounding Britain’s exit from the EU, following last weeks disastrous vote, people looking to travel to and from Europe over the coming months should be prepared for delays and disruption.