Every year sun-seekers, families and party animals flock to the Spanish seaside resort of Benidorm, but the decision to ban mobility scooters could have a detrimental impact for many.

The use of mobility scooters on pavements is now prohibited and anyone caught riding the vehicle in a pedestrianised area could face a fine of £390.

Mobility scooters are still permitted on the roads; however, insurance is needed. In addition, anyone riding a mobility scooter will need to have a bell or a hi-vis vest and must be wearing a helmet. There will also be a speed limit of 12mph.

The ban has been well-received by Benidorm locals who, according to The Express, have branded the vehicles a ‘menace’.

Other motorised vehicles including electric scooters and Segways are also banned from pavements in Benidorm. Spanish cities, Barcelona and Madrid, have also welcomed the mobility scooter ban.

For some tourists, a mobility scooter is an essential aid of transportation and those who would usually visit Benidorm may now have to consider spending their summer holiday elsewhere. Holiday bookings to the go-to EU country are already falling amidst Brexit uncertainty and this ban will not be doing any favours. The Hoteliers Association in Benidorm and Costa Blanca (HOSBEC) reported a 15% decline in British tourists back in February 2019.

If people are planning to travel elsewhere, it is advisable they check the local laws and customs for the country they are travelling to. Also, most airlines will need to be advised prior to the flight if a mobility scooter needs to be taken on board.