Famed for its picturesque ski resorts, Austria has been a firm favourite for British holidaymakers seeking an activity-filled break. But, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has amended their outdoor activity and adventure tourism advice, warning holidaymakers of the rise in the number of ‘visitors getting into difficulty and needing the help of the emergency services’.

According to the FCO, holidaymakers looking to participate in extreme sports should ensure their travel insurance policy will cover them for their chosen activities. Most travel insurance policies will offer to cover a number of activities as standard, however those that are deemed ‘riskier’ including skiing, climbing and paragliding will require an activity pack. The cost of an activity pack will depend on the bracket the activity falls under, and is usually per person. Some travel insurance providers allow activity packs to be added to a policy during the holiday, so travellers can still enjoy spur of the moment opportunities. It is important to note, not having the right level of cover could mean that any claims related to the activity will not be covered, including claims for medical expenses.

Holidaymakers travelling to Austria are also be advised to ensure their travel insurance policy covers costs relating to ‘mountain rescue services, helicopter costs and repatriation to your country of residence or possible transfer to neighbouring countries for treatment’.

Provided the policy covers medical expenses, and the appropriate activity pack is active, most travel insurance policies will cover these costs if it is medically necessary. As no two travel insurance policies are the same, it is important to read the policy documents carefully, or speak directly to the insurance company.

Each year around 980,000 British holidaymakers visit Austria, and whilst most holidays are trouble free it pays to have the right protection.