With less than two weeks until the FIFA World Cup 2018 fans are being warned of the possibility of cyber-attacks and fraudulent activity on gadgets while in Russia.

Hackers are known to use various techniques, with ‘free wifi’ being one of the most common. The victim may also receive spam emails, calls or text messages. Once the hacker has been able to access the gadget, they will have their pick of your personal, bank and credit card details.

Although the warning is predominantly focusing on those travelling for the World Cup, this type of scam occurs across the world and holidaymakers and often caught out – sometimes not realising until they have returned home!

So, what steps can you take to keep your gadgets safe abroad?

Only use password protected wifi networks, most companies will provide you with a code to enter their wifi – if it’s a free, open network that requires you to enter your personal details then it’s best to avoid it – just in case…

Leave your personal gadgets at home and take a cheap phone or tablet away with you. There are plenty of unlocked, pay as you go, phones available which will accept foreign SIMs.

Ensure you have cover for gadgets and fraudulent activity under your travel insurance. There are a few travel insurers out there that will cover gadgets as standard, with others offering gadget cover as an add on or extension – just make sure the single article limit is enough to cover the cost of your gadget.

It is also worth bearing in mind some travel insurance policies will provide compensation for calls and data if your gadget is stolen and fraudulently used, provided you have filed a police report. In addition, if your gadget is stolen and your e-wallet is used there are a few insurers that will cover this too. Something to look out for if you are travelling abroad this Summer.