Over the past couple of year’s Egypt has been in the centre of the media’s attention for one reason or another and following recent events it may become compulsory to have a valid travel insurance policy before being allowed entry to the African holiday spot.

Last week Egyptian tourist destination Hurghada was in the news following the deaths of John and Susan Cooper. The British couple, who were in perfect health, died during their stay at the Steigenberger Aqua Magic Hotel. The cause of their deaths is still unknown but a local governor has stated a strange odour was detected in the couple’s room.

The popular Thomas Cook hotel, which received a score of 96% in an audit carried out in July, is currently under investigation and Thomas Cook has moved all 301 of their guests from the hotel.

Egypt is now thought to be considering bringing in a new rule for holidaymakers visiting the country and travellers could soon have to show proof of a valid travel insurance policy before being allowed entry.

Travel insurance has always been a stress purchase but, due to the rising cost in medical treatment, frequency of natural disasters and unforeseen circumstance leading to cancellation, many believe it should be a compulsory buy for all holidays.

For Egypt in particular, the travel insurance policy, if made compulsory, will need to include adequate cover for accidents and medical expenses. Holidaymakers will also need to ensure all existing medical conditions are declared, more on this can be found here.

Holidaymakers should also check the activity cover under their travel insurance policy. Most travel insurers will offer to cover a select number of activities as standard, but those deemed riskier such as jet-skiing or bungee jumping may require an additional premium to be paid. More on activity packs can be found here.

To date, Cuba and Russia both have rules regarding travel insurance to allow entry to the country. Cuba states visitors must have a travel insurance policy that will cover medical repatriation by air (most policies will cover this under medical expenses) and to apply for a Russian visa, tourists must provide proof of medical insurance.

Those travelling to Egypt should check the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) travel advice for the latest updates.