5 of the Best Wellbeing Retreats in the UK

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In a world fuelled by technology and the expectation to be constantly available it can be difficult to find time just for you.

How to make sure you are not stranded abroad this summer

The cost of medical treatment abroad can stem anywhere from a few hundred pounds…

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Will Brexit affect your travel plans? Your questions answered

With Brexit negotiations still in a state of flux after MPs rejected Theresa May’s fourth Brexit proposal, UK travellers are no closer to understanding how the conflicting messages will disrupt their Easter and summer holidays.

Is Instagram ruining your holiday?

All you have to do is scroll through Instagram and you will see picture after picture of people in well thought out outfits posing in front of pretty pastel houses, fields of flowers or iconic tourist spots.

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Should you suffer because of a hidden disability?

The majority of airlines will offer airport assistance for passengers who are less able to get themselves around…


BA Check-in-crisis – What compensation can you get?

British Airways (BA) suffered another serious systems failure when a technical fault caused flight delays and the BA online check-in system malfunctioned causing chaos…


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More no-deal Brexit misery for UK holidaymakers

With just over two months until Brexit, UK holidaymakers are still no closer to a definite understanding of how their travel will be affected post-March 29th.

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Will Brexit no-deal plans disrupt your holiday?

Brexit discussions are unescapable and British holidaymakers are still no closer to knowing whether their travel plans will be disrupted post-Brexit.

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The holiday sickness scam epidemic

It’s been a number of years since claims management companies started appearing on our television screens and across social media with promises of compensation following ‘holiday sickness’.

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Disneyland Park prices increase by 25%

Disneyland, deemed the happiest place in the world, is the childhood dream of holiday destinations but those looking to book a trip to Disneyland Park in California…

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Maldives Holiday Water Bungalows

Bag yourself a holiday bargain this Sunshine Saturday

Airlines, travel agents and tour operators are preparing for the busiest day of the year for holiday booking. Dubbed Sunshine Saturday, the first Saturday in January…

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2018’s Black Friday Travel Deals

You may have noticed the shops are already promoting Black Friday deals ahead of this Friday 23rd November 2018 and it’s not just limited to televisions and shoes.

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South Western Rail Strike: What are your rights?

Passengers travelling by South Western Railway this Saturday 17th November face major delays and disruption as staff members plan to go on strike.

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Travel insurance – should you have the right for your cancer diagnosis to be forgotten?

‘Cancer patients have the right to be forgotten’, is the strong statement being brought forward by campaign group, Youth Cancer Europe.

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Travel Insurance Explained wants easier access to travel insurance

Travel Insurance Explained organised a Roundtable at the Palace of Westminster, London on Monday 15th October 2018. Hosted and Chaired by Sharon Hodgson MP…

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Travel Insurance Explained wants easier access to travel insurance

Travel Insurance Explained organised a Roundtable at the Palace of Westminster, London on Monday 15th October 2018. Hosted and Chaired by Sharon Hodgson MP…

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TIE attends Shine Cancer Support’s Great Escape

Consumer awareness campaign, Travel Insurance Explained (TIE) were delighted to be asked to speak at Shine Cancer Support’s Great Escape to Manchester.

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Everything you need to know about hand luggage

If you are planning to travel by air any time soon it may be a good idea to brush up on the new hand luggage rules before booking your ticket.

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Will travel insurance be made compulsory?

Over the past couple of year’s Egypt has been in the centre of the media’s attention for one reason or another and following recent events it may become compulsory…

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Why buy travel insurance early?

We’ve noticed in some consumer forum’s people are unsure of when to buy their travel insurance – last minute or as soon as they book their holiday? So, we thought it would be useful…

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Bali Volcano – Are you covered?

Thousands of tourists are stranded on the Indonesian island of Bali as the airport remains closed for a second day. The popular tourist destination saw the volcano dispensing smoke…