This week Australians are celebrating the long-awaited decision to legalise same-sex marriage. After a decade of dispute, MPs have voted to change the Marriage Act and allow those of the same sex to wed. The decision was met with cheers, applause and even tears of joy in parliament and the reaction is likely to continue across the country.

Early last month 61.6% of those who voted in a nation poll favoured legalisation of same-sex marriage and the law will now be made official in the next couple of days.
Same-sex marriages became legal in the UK in 2014 but now couples planning a destination wedding can add Australia to their list, as well as; Belgium, South Africa, Norway and Ireland – to name a few.

A destination wedding is ideal for many, not only can it be more cost effective but the picturesque scenery, guaranteed sunshine and intimate feel can make the biggest day of your life, the most perfect day of your life.

When planning a destination wedding there are many options available; you can plan the whole day yourself, hire a wedding planner or buy a package destination wedding through a tour operator. In the case of destination weddings, making sure you have the right travel insurance is almost as important as the wedding attire.
Not all travel insurance policies will offer a wedding extension so you may have to do your research, but it would be worth it, as it will provide you with the appropriate additional cover. A wedding extension will generally cover things such as wedding rings if they are lost or stolen, the loss of wedding gifts that are given to you abroad, cover for wedding attire and cover if your wedding photographs are lost or damaged.