…what can holidaymakers expect?

This hasn’t been the best year for airlines; First BAs computers went down causing worldwide chaos, then Ryanair were forced to cancel thousands of flights and just a few months ago Monarch went into liquidation – all of which left holidaymakers stranded, frustrated and in some cases, out of pocket.

The crash of Monarch Airlines caused chaos for hundreds of thousands of customers and the government launched its largest ever repatriation exercise which brought home 110,000 passengers that were stranded abroad.

Ahead of tomorrow’s budget meeting, Chancellor Phillip Hammond is expected to put forward plans to offer holidaymakers better protection if their airline goes bust in an attempted to not repeat the disaster left behind by Monarch. The Chancellor will also be proposing plans to make sure customers are not treated differently in terms of compensation and the protection that is available to them, regardless of how they booked their flight or holiday.

A report is expected by summer 2018, with the final conclusions to be decided by the end of 2018. Good news for all those who are worried about booking a flight following this year’s airline fiascos.

As well as the proposed plans that are set to be disclosed in tomorrow’s annual budget, your travel insurance can also offer some protection if your airline was to go bust either before you travel or once you are already abroad.