Yesterday, Travel Insurance Explained held a live Q&A across Twitter to give some much-needed advice to holidaymakers about their travel insurance needs. With every holidaymaker requiring something different from their travel insurance and not quite understanding the insurance jargon it can be difficult to find a policy that is suitable for their individual needs at an appropriate price.

The live Q&A sparked a lot of interest from Twitter users with some great feedback being left following the session. Throughout the session, the Travel Insurance Explained team answered some very intricate questions, including queries relating to medical conditions, delays and activities. This session has really shown us how much confusion the consumer has around travel insurance, and why we are committed to improving understanding.

Here are some examples:

@Shelley_tree asked: I had major surgery on my knee a little over 3 years ago. I’ve been signed off from the hospital & require no further treatment. Does this count as a pre-existing medical condition?

We also had a car hire query from @JuliaSmithdtc: I’m travelling to US & hiring a car. There is insurance through the hire car co but is it comprehensive enough? Do I need this covered under my own insurance? Is that incl as standard?

And questions about travelling and holidaying in the UK from @beccamkingsley and @TKLou which highlighted some interesting information regarding the limitations of various travel insurance policies.
@Santiomsanti asked: I have just bought a premium travel ins for my upcoming trip. Will it cover domestic travel within the country destination? Ex. Domestic flight cancellation or delay or baggage issues. Thanks

All answers and further questions can be found on our Twitter channel here.

Travel Insurance Explained will be holding another live Q&A in August so keep an eye out on our Twitter feed and follow the hastag #KnowYourCover. If you have any questions in the meantime, please feel free to tweet them to @TravelInsEX using the hashtag #KnowYourCover or email us here.