Fashion week is the perfect excuse to show off the best your wardrobe has to offer, drown yourself in accessories and perfect that cat-eye flick – but with so much to plan, your travel insurance may find itself slipping down the list so, we are here to tell you everything you need to know about booking the right travel insurance for fashion’s most prestigious week…

Whether you’re heading to Milan, Paris, London or New York City booking your ticket early is important; prices vary depending on the venue and seat and a spot in the ‘frow’ (that’s front row to us none-fashionista’s) could see you parting with over £1000 – a lot to lose if you are unable to make your trip, right?!

Also, what would happen if your luggage, containing your outfits, accessories and cosmetics, was lost or stolen?
These, of course, are worst case scenarios but they can happen to anyone at any time so it is better to be well-prepared rather than out of pocket. We understand the travel insurance industry is a bit of a mine field and to the untrained eye one policy looks exactly like the other – just more expensive. However this isn’t the case, cheaper policies will have restrictions on what you can claim for and how much you can claim up to but, with a little research you will be able to find a policy that will suit your needs.

An important factor to consider is personal possession cover and the single item limit; so, what’s the difference? Personal possession cover is the total amount you can claim up to whereas a single item limit is the total amount you can claim per item. By making sure the amount available under the policy is enough to cover the items you are planning to take, you will be able to claim back any lost or stolen belongings – just make sure you have ‘evidence of purchase’ such as a till receipt, gift receipt, order form or bank statement and a Property Irregularity Report (this can be obtained from your travel company if your luggage doesn’t arrive) or a report from local authorities if your possessions are lost or stolen whilst abroad.
Whilst we are on the subject of personal possessions, not all policies will cover gadgets as standard. So, if you are planning to snap each outfit on your phone or camera we recommend looking for a policy that will either cover gadgets as standard or offer an extension – again make sure you check the single item limit as some policies will only cover up to £500, not quite enough to cover the latest iPhone!

Although Fashion Week in Milan, Paris and New York City does sound glamorous, London is equally as sought after and yes, you will still need travel insurance. Bear in mind that your trip needs to be a minimum of two nights, three days to qualify for a UK travel insurance policy.

Lastly, your pre-paid ticket is almost as valuable as your passport – after all, the event is the only reason you are travelling abroad, or to our Capital, in the first place. But what happens if you can’t make your trip or are too ill to attend the event? There are policies that will offer cover for pre-paid excursions if you cannot get the money back from anyone else or the ticket cannot be transferred or used for another purpose – definitely something to look for when taking out your policy.