How chickenpox could scupper your holiday…

With half-term just around the corner are you aware of the impact your child catching chickenpox could have on your holiday? Chickenpox is a household name for the highly contagious…

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Don’t let your allergy hold you back

According to Allergy UK 44% of British adults are affected by one or more allergic disorders, and whilst this may be well controlled at home, it is important to understand what precautions you

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No snow at the ski resort!

With the Winter Olympics now finished and the Paralympics in full swing, many people have been inspired to take to the slopes and try their hand at winter sports; whether that’s skiing….

Earthquake hits Taiwan, are you covered?

Four people have died and a further 200 are injured after an earthquake hit the popular tourist city of Hualien, Taiwan on Wednesday 7th February 2018. Infrastructure has been badly damaged.

The Plague – is Madagascar safe?

Although plague outbreaks are not unexpected in Madagascar, the recent outbreak of pneumonic plague – the deadliest form – has been described as a concern.

As the NHS struggles, Brits head abroad

For many Brits travelling abroad is for no other reason than spending a week relaxing in the sun, for others it’s for lifesaving surgery. As the NHS struggles to cope with an increase in demand…

The fate of the EHIC

Formal negotiations for Brexit are well and truly underway, and since the announcement in June 2016 that Britain will be leaving the European Union (EU) the fate of the EHIC…

Is Gastritis really the New Whiplash?

You may have noticed in the news lately that the Government are looking to crack down on those who are making fraudulent claims of ‘upset stomachs’ or ‘food poisoning’ whilst on holiday.

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