For many, going on holiday is the perfect way to de-stress and escape the 9 to 5. Day to day life can be stressful for everyone but those struggling with their mental health can face a more difficult challenge, and sometimes booking a holiday can seem a little daunting. At Travel Insurance Explained, we know the process of booking a holiday, finding the right travel insurance and travelling to the destination can be incredibly stressful so we have broken it down into a checklist to help cut the jargon and make booking your trip a one less thing to worry about.

Step One: Speak to your GP
Before booking your holiday research a couple of destinations you would like to visit and run these past your GP. They will be able to advise on which country would be best to visit, particularly if this is your first trip away since diagnosis.
Once you have spoken with your GP and they have confirmed you are fit to travel to your chosen destination, it’s time to start looking at travel insurance.

Step Two: Finding the right travel insurance
Be prepared to spend some time researching travel insurers, not all policies are the same and it is important to make sure you buy a policy that is suitable for your needs.
If you, or someone travelling with you, has been diagnosed with a mental health condition it will need to be declared to the travel insurer along with any medication. It is important to note some travel insurers may not be able to offer cover for a mental health diagnosis but don’t worry, there are a few specialist companies that will. These travel insurers may not be on price comparison sites so you will need to go to them direct.
Once you are happy with the quote and the cover offered you can book your holiday. Most travel insurance companies will save a quote for up to 14 days so you can go back to them once everything is booked. Step Three: Booking your holiday
When booking your holiday, make sure you are happy with the country’s culture and stance on mental health – some do not recognise the issue and may not be able to offer the best treatment should you need it, but your travel agent should be able to advise this.

Step Four: Preparing for your trip Now you have the holiday booked, go back and buy your travel insurance – that way should anything happen and you need to cancel your trip you will not be left out of pocket.
To avoid added stress make sure all passports are in date and take them out the night before you are due to travel so you don’t forget them.
If you take medication, check it is not banned in the country you are travelling to and make sure you have a doctor note or prescription to take with you. You can read more about this here. On the day, allow for delays; everyone knows how bad the motorways can get so make sure you leave plenty of time. Pre-booking car parks or a taxi will help with this.

Step Five: Arriving at your destination.
On arrival, make yourself aware of your surroundings. Locate the local hospital and help points – should you need them it will be better to know where they are rather than try and explain to staff what you are looking for.

Once everything is unpacked, head down to the beach and enjoy your well-deserved break.
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