Nowadays Brits are opting to spend their summer break in the UK rather than searching for sun abroad, but did you know the cost of staying at a UK resort could be almost double what you would pay for a week in popular tourist destinations such as; France, Belgium or Spain?

From accommodation to the cost of tickets for days out, your well-earned rest in the UK can easily hit the thousand-pound mark.

The UK is home to some impressive Theme Parks, all boasting a range of accommodation and holiday packages. Theme Park tickets alone start at around £30.00 per person, per day – add that to the cost of accommodation for a family of four and you could be paying out a large sum of money.

With the cost of a UK holiday in mind, is a wonder why there are so many of us are overlooking UK travel insurance.

Even though you don’t necessarily need medical cover, as we have the NHS, you should look to cover the costs of any tickets or excursions, accommodation and other travel plans. So if something unexpected was to happen and you could no longer make your trip – there would be cancellation cover. However, it is worth bearing in mind, most travel insurance policies will have restrictions on the reasons for cancellation, but there are a few policies that will offer ‘cancellation for any cause beyond your reasonable control’, so it may be worth looking for them.

It is worth noting, the majority of travel insurers offer cover for UK trips, however look out for restrictions. Most policies will state the trip has to be a minimum of two nights, three days of pre-paid accommodation whereas you can find a few travel insurance providers who don’t require a minimum stay – something to bear in mind when deciding which travel insurance policy to buy.