Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR) has rescheduled all trains within Southern, Thameslink and Great Northern services causing severe travel delays and disruption yesterday, which has continued through to today.

The revised timetable increases GTR network services by 13%, translating into 400 additional trains daily and newly added direct services from 80 stations into London.

However, the not-so-smooth transition from the existing timetable to the new has left passengers frustrated as train after train was either delayed or cancelled.

Travellers were further disgruntled by the Civil Aviation Authority who revealed that the average delay time across Britain’s airports is 15 minutes – enough time to miss connecting flights, airport transfers or pre-booked taxi services.

Luton Airport’s average delay time was a staggering 19.7 minutes with Heathrow delaying flights by just under 11 minutes.

Understandably, there are various reasons why flight and rail services are delayed but those paying for a service are often left deflated, unsatisfied and as though they have no one on their side.

By making sure you buy a travel insurance policy that covers for trip disruption or missed departure, you will be able to claim compensation or the cost of the holiday. So, what should you look out for?

Trip disruption is covered as standard under most travel insurance policies and will offer compensation for each set block of time you are delayed (usually every 12 hours but there are some policies that will pay out every 6 hours) – provided you have checked-in on time. If you are delayed for more than 24-hours you may be entitled to claim for cancellation of the trip, provided you are unable to claim the cost elsewhere. For more information on trip disruption and departure delay, click here.

What do I do if I am delayed and miss my departure?

Check your travel insurance policy for ‘missed departure’ cover. Most policies will cover you if you miss your departure due to strike action or other disruption of public transport, if the vehicle you are travelling in is involved in an accident, or if that vehicle breaks down.

It is worth noting, there are only a few policies that will offer cover if you miss your departure due to road traffic – so this may be something to look for, especially if you plan to travel on the dreaded M25…