Extinction Rebellion, the climate activists who brought London to a standstill back in April, are planning a two week ‘international rebellion’ this month. As many as 30,000 people will be targeting 12 hot spots across the city centre, including Downing Street and the Home Office. London isn’t the only city taking a hit, 23 cities across the world will also face disruption from environmental campaigners.

The Metropolitan Police arrested over 1,100 protesters in April, and according to the Independent, an unlimited number of protesters will be arrested this time around if they are seen breaking protest conditions.

Formed in October 2018, the group has already staged a number of successful large protests and smaller demonstrations. Disruptions in April included protesters blocking the entrance to London Stock Exchange, creating human barriers on major London roads, smashing windows at Shell’s headquarters, gluing themselves to trains and staging die-ins at the Natural History Museum.

More recent events include several attempts to use drone activity to shut down Heathrow airport, spraying the Treasury with fake blood, holding die-ins outside publication offices and conducting a funeral procession at London Fashion Week.

The environmental group has also arranged international protests in New York, Zurich and Paris.

This month’s protests will run from Monday 7th October to Saturday 19th October 2019.

Travel is likely to be disrupted across London over the next two weeks. It is not yet known if Extinction Rebellion are planning to disrupt the rail networks, but those planning to travel to the airport via train should allow additional time to reach their destination.

Often, missed flights due to protests, that have been announced prior to the date of travel, will not be covered by travel insurance.

Extinction Rebellion carries the logo of an hourglass inside a circle which symbolises time running out for the human race. The group has three main aims;

  1. The UK Government must declare a climate emergency.
  2. The UK must legally commit to reducing all carbon emissions by 2025.
  3. A citizens’ assembly will oversee the changes.

To achieve it’s aims, the group will need to see dramatic changes in the way the human race currently live. Changes to transport and diets, as well as an increase in the use of renewable energy are just a few changes that would need to take place immediately to meet the six-year goal.

Despite the protests severely disrupting the lives of thousands of people, many celebrities have publicly announced they are behind the cause and have donated to the Extinction Rebellion.