Popular tourist destinations Majorca and Ibiza are banning all tourists from driving all petrol and diesel cars when on holiday, in a bid to protect the island from harmful CO2 emissions – instead electric cars will be available.

The ban on diesel engines will be in place by 2025, with petrol cars being banned by 2035. Holidaymakers who break the ban will be fined.
Locals will not be forced to give up their cars but, in the upcoming years, only electric cars will be available to buy.

Those looking to head to either Majorca or Ibiza will be warned of the ban, and should look for a hire company which offers electric cars – in the future all hire companies will also be banned from letting diesel or petrol engines.

The cost of hiring a car abroad can be pricey, and if for an unforeseen reason you were unable to make your trip you would be left out of pocket without the appropriate travel insurance cover. There are some travel insurance policies that will reimburse unused pre-paid car hire that cannot be claimed back elsewhere, but as these policies are few and far between you may need to go to the insurer direct.