Overnight much of the UK was subjected to heavy downpours which have caused major disruption on roads and railways this morning.

The M25 was closed for eight hours in both directions between junctions 4 and 5, following reports of two sinkholes. The motorway then re-opened but was later closed again due to a police incident between junctions 3 for Swanley and 4 for Orpington. Congestion is expected to continue for some hours.

Southern Rail has alerted passengers travelling between Sutton to London Bridge, Victoria to Sutton (via Norbury) and Victoria to Epson, via social media, of cancellations. The rail company has also warned that all services will be delayed. Passengers due to travel this morning are being advised to avoid travelling completely or use alternative routes.

Holidaymakers travelling by road or rail should check their route before leaving for the airport and allow ample travel time. Missed departure due to traffic delays is not covered by most travel insurance policies. The few that do cover, stipulate that the traffic delay must have occurred after you left for the airport. In this circumstance, as the incidents have already been announced it is unlikely a claim for missed departure will be accepted.

Weather warnings will remain in place for the rest of the day. Across the country, 31 flood alerts have been put in place as heavy rainfall continues.

According to the Met Office, parts of the UK can expect up to 100mm of rainfall this Wednesday and Thursday.