Storm Sebastian is due to sweep parts of Britain; the met office has issued a yellow weather warning, with areas in northeast and southwest England at risk. According to the Express, there is a ‘danger to life flood warning’ as torrential rain is expected to hit Britain. The tropical storm is likely to cause travel disruptions on railway services as well as busses. Speaking to the express, The Environment Agency says ‘lands, roads and properties could flood and travel disruption is possible.’

Strong winds are expected to cause six-metre-high waves which are likely to have significant impact in coastal regions. Heavy rain is also expected with over 60mm of rain falling. Some areas can expect to see up to three times more rain than average. Reports suggest that the tropical storm could have been on the verge of a hurricane with winds of up to 60mph – the remnants will cause heavy- downpour and interruptions across the country. Warnings have been issued for the next five days and people are advised to exercise caution when travelling.

If you are planning to travel to the airport via train, car or bus you are expected to leave a reasonable amount of time for traffic and delays. However, if an incident arises that you could not have foreseen as a result of the weather conditions – and you miss your flight, you may be covered by you travel insurer under ‘missed departure’. If, for example, a car crash was to occur on your journey to the airport and cause unavoidable delays you may be entitled up to £1,500 for the cost of alternative transport that you had to pay to reach your trip destination (this cover is only available on a few policies, so check your policy wording carefully).

Keep up to date with weather warnings and check your travel plans in advance to see if you will be affected by the weather warnings. The Official Met is often updated with information on weather conditions.