From expressos to an americano, white or long back, coffee culture has become one of the most popular trends around the world, and for those who crave the liquid magic for an adrenaline rush, wake-up call or just for the sheer pleasure of it, we’ve put together a list of the best places to get an authentic coffee.

Top 6 Places to Get a Coffee

Colombia –

As one of the largest coffee exporters in the world, Colombia is renowned for its coffee-making skills. With around 560,000 coffee farms in Colombia, it’s safe to say that this choice of drink is a popular demand. Although many like to get coffee into their systems first thing to kick start the day, in Colombia the most popular time to drink coffee is in the afternoon/evening. Often referred to as “café con Leche” which translates to instant coffee dissolved in hot milk or “Tinto” which is sweet black coffee, the locals enjoy either normally during the afternoon or evening.

Which café to visit in Colombia: 

Amor Perfecto is exactly what it says on the tin, it’s also the largest speciality coffee company in Colombia. All of its coffee is sourced from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and the deep south in the Department of Nariño. Situated in Colombia’s capital Bogota, you can visit one of its famous museums Museo del Oro or as it is otherwise known Gold Museum if you’re looking for things to do in the area.

Copenhagen –

Coffee traditions in Copenhagen are well-renowned for their speciality brews. The Nordic land rose to coffee prominence in 2005 when Dane Troels Overdal Poulsen won first place in the World Barista Championship. Café Europa is also home to two other competition winners, so you know that it’s a good source for your coffee fix.

Which café to visit in Copenhagen 

Café Bevers, with live jazz every week, this is the perfect place to get your coffee fix. The Danish coffee shop is situated in Ravnsborggade and is known for its reasonable price list. Beer and wine are also served in the bar and freshly baked bread will be there to greet you in the morning.

Italy –

Along with incredible pizzerias, Italy is known for its choice in coffee – espresso is one of Italy’s major drinking habits. Often served in small ceramic cups, the highly concentrated espresso is normally tipped straight back. In some specialities, a slice of lemon is rubbed around the edge of the cup for some additional flavour. Just be aware that if you do plan on drinking a cappuccino, you’ll have to get it in before noon as the cappuccino is a morning-only drink in Italy.

Which café to visit in Italy 

Caffe Al Bicerin located in the quaint little town known as Turin is what you might call a hidden gem. The traditional coffee shop will transport you back in time with vintage décor and a friendly atmosphere. With museums and beaches within walking distance, you could even get a coffee to go.

Prague –

Although the history of coffee shops in Prague was largely associated with communism, many moons again, the new movement of coffee culture has reinvented specialist styles in the modern world. Coffee artisans in Prague are particularly keen on keeping their produce independent as well as local. The coffee scene is made up of a few different groups including minimal Czech roasters, professional baristas and homely cafes.

Which Café to visit in Prague:

Café Montmartre is the place to be if you’re looking for an eccentric coffee experience. As one of the most famous cafes in Prague Café Montmartre was the official meeting place of Franz Kafka and Jaroslav Hašek. Although it was founded in 1911, Montmartre is a popular hotspot for locals and tourists alike.

Zurich –

As devasting as it was, coffee was banned in Zurich in the 18th Century, but how times have changed! In the 21st Century, there is an abundance of coffee shops and several different stylistic inventions of the substance. With a history of avant-garde artists, the city is brought to life by a rich sense of culture as well as

Which Café to visit in Zurich 

Throughout the day Cabaret Voltaire serves cakes, snacks and of course highly-demanded coffee but as soon as the sun begins to set, Cabaret Voltaire offers a range of absinthes and a menu of carefully crafted cocktails as well as various other beverages.

New Zealand –

Coffee culture in New Zealand is very similar to that of Italy’s, espresso is the go-to and you’ll be able to find it in nearly any coffee shop you visit. Although you may now New Zealand for its well renowned Maori culture and incredibly scenic views, coffee is also one of its many specialities. So check out those sublime mountains and mesmerising coast lines whilst getting your caffeine kick.

Which Café to visit in New Zealand 

Reslau is known in Auckland as one of the most popular hotspots for coffee enthusiasts who specialise in an authentic Rangitoto blend of coffee. The Café forms part of the Elliott Stables area which forms an abundance of history in itself. The bakery boasts creativity with a variety of speciality breakfast options that you wouldn’t normally find elsewhere.

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