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Whether you’re skiing in the Alps, lounging in the Maldives or trekking across the Amazon we have advice for each and every type of holiday – including what travel insurance cover you should be looking for when buying a policy for your trip.

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A Winter Sports Holiday is a great way to enjoy picturesque scenery and try your hand at many activities, such as; skiing, snowboarding, snow scooting and snowmobiling or of course, relaxing in front of a log fire…

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… but with so much to do, (the home to decorate, turkey to buy, presents to wrap, family to see, Santa to visit, snowman to build, the list goes on,) it’s no wonder so many of us are looking to head abroad…

With some newlyweds dreaming of romantic candlelit dinners, picturesque scenery and champagne on tap and others itching to parasail down mountains, discover ancient ruins and get up close and personal with exotic wildlife…

What’s not to love about a cruise? The opportunity to experience several destinations, relax in the sea breeze, take a dip in the pool, head to the bar and dine in one of many restaurants – all within walking distance…

Whether you’re going solo, heading for a romantic weekend away or taking the whole family, a city break is the perfect opportunity to get away from it all and discover what the world we live in has to offer…


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