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A common misunderstanding with travel insurance cover relates to medical expenses; many holidaymakers do not realise that the majority of travel insurance policies will not offer cover for medical treatment at private hospitals.

The insurance world can be mind-boggling to the average person and it’s no wonder a huge 25% of us admit to only reading the terms and conditions of a policy when we need to make a claim. Many of us are left frustrated…

The holiday season is upon us and as high-spirited holidaymakers head to the airport with visions of sun, sea and sangria there’s every possibility they may not make their planned flight. Not by any fault of their own.

In this day and age our gadgets are never far from reach, so it comes as no surprise that the majority of Brits will be taking at least one gadget away with them; whether it be to capture memories, keep in touch with loved ones or to listen to music.

Considering taking your pet on holiday? Just like us, our furry friends need a little ‘me’ time too, and thanks to new laws it has never been easier to take your beloved cat, dog or ferret away with you.

Did you know, every family member must have their own passport including infants? Although children were once able to travel under their parent or guardian’s passport, this process is no longer valid.

For many, it means looking forward to relaxing on a beach, or by the pool, with a book in one hand and a cocktail in the other. For a short period, we can pretend to be part of the jet set. For others, it will mean partying till dawn.