Arranging travel insurance after a cancer diagnosis can be somewhat challenging, not to mention costly. We understand that cancer does not have to stop you in your tracks and it is perfectly acceptable to want to enjoy a week or so relaxing.

Life after a stroke can be a struggle but people want to try and get back to their normal routine as soon as possible, part of which can be heading abroad on holiday for some much-needed relaxation.

Nine months is a long time so it’s no wonder expecting parents want nothing more than to head abroad to relax. Some people will be concerned about going on holiday during their pregnancy…

Heart conditions are not uncommon, and with some more severe than others booking a holiday and finding the right travel insurance may be difficult – but this doesn’t mean you should miss out.

Travelling is a stressful experience, even more so when you have a medical condition to consider, so we have put together a quick guide for everything you need to know about travelling with diabetes.