Airline officials in the UK and USA have called for a Covid-19 testing trial to take place to help resume international flights.

Flights between the UK and USA have been restricted since March as a result of the pandemic. However, airlines are urging the UK government to launch Covid-19 testing trials to permit tourists to travel between London and New York.

British nationals are currently banned from entering the USA and American’s who travel from the US to Britain must quarantine for two weeks upon their arrival. These restrictions are heavily impacting both tourism as well as business trips.

While New York had an increased number of Covid-19 cases at the start of the pandemic, the number of infection rates is now among the lowest in the country. Although, measures will need to be put in place to manage passengers flying from other parts of America that have much higher infection rates.

At the time of writing, the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) still advising against all but essential travel to the USA, meaning if you do travel to the United States your travel insurance most likely won’t cover you. The US has also banned travellers from the UK, apart from students with the appropriate visa and others who are travelling to work in America’s national interest.