There’s no doubt that the cruise industry has been hit the hardest by the devastating Covid-19 pandemic.

While planes have begun flying again and countries have resumed tourism, welcoming Brits with open arms, cruise ships remain empty with the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) still advising British tourists against cruise ship travel at this time.

However, a number of the larger cruise lines have announced they are restarting their cruise programmes in November, just as people are beginning to wonder when they may be able to enjoy a holiday on the sea.

While we cannot say for certain when exactly British tourists will be able to go on a cruise holiday again, we do know that several cruise lines have been updating the information on their websites – indicating that November maybe when ships set sail once more. So, who knows, cruise lovers may well be able to catch some winter sun this year after all!

It’s also worth knowing that tourists are actually permitted to travel on ‘river cruises’ at the moment, as they are deemed as less of a risk than a sea cruise holiday. This is because they have fewer passengers on board at any time, shorter itineraries, and, most importantly, would be far easier to manage if there was a Covid outbreak onboard.

So, we would recommend that anyone longing for a cruise holiday keeps an eye on their desired cruise operators’ website, and also protects their well-deserved trip with travel insurance as soon as they book.

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