Wintersport enthusiasts hitting ski resorts in the Alps this year may be in for a slippery ride when it comes to securing transfers to and from the airport.

An industry specialist has warned that changes in regulations have affected how non-Swiss companies can operator at Geneva airport – one of the busiest hubs for those visiting ski resorts in France and Switzerland.

Non-Swiss ski transfer businesses will now only be allowed to operated in Geneva for a maximum of 90 days – a ski season typically lasts 180 days. French transfer businesses in Geneva have already been forced to close, reduce capacity or increase their prices.

The lack of transport options will severely impact anyone who is travelling during the peak ski season, particularly those who have not already booked their airport transfer.

We strongly recommend anyone visiting the Alps this winter arranges their transfer back to the airport as soon as they book their trip. The reason being, should travellers miss their return flight home due to transportation issues, they will not, in most cases, be covered by their travel insurance provider for the cost of a new flight or any expenses incurred, such as additional accommodation.

Those who cannot secure transportation with a ski transfer firm should book with a reputable transport provider or seek another mode of transport. For example, public buses, trains or, taxis.

Anyone who needs to use a taxi to get to and from the airport should book through a licensed cab firm and agree on the price beforehand, to avoid being caught up in any taxi scams such as the common “broken taxi metre”. Click here to read more on popular holiday scams to look out for.

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