Speculation of a new digital vaccine passport has made headlines today as it is revealed that Border Force officials are working on plans to permit e-gates to automatically check whether someone has the correct documentation to enter the UK.

The idea is that the e-gate would be able to scan the passport and automatically check for vaccine records, recent Covid-19 test results, or any other related requirements, and then record these details so that the appropriate quarantine rules could be enforced.

The system is hoped to be in place by the middle of summer, in time for Brits to enjoy a getaway. However, it is believed that members of parliament and travel bosses are trying to speed the process up so that it can launch as the travel ban is lifted.

As holidays are set to return and more Brits look forward to a well-deserved break, it is important that tourists make sure they have the appropriate documentation in place when travelling to and from the UK, as the majority of travel insurance providers do not cover costs associated with being refused entry to a country, as a result of being unable to provide the require documentation.

With the wait time for a new passport currently around the 10-week mark, we would recommend that anyone who needs to renew or obtain a new passport, or any other essential piece of documentation, allows plenty of time for the documentation to arrive.