There have been mixed emotions from the travel industry following the UK government’s recent Budget announcement.

While some companies feel relieved that the furlough or Job Retention Scheme will be extended until September, saving jobs as the industry waits for travel to recover, others have expressed their dissatisfaction over the sector being ‘forgotten’ about during the announcement.

The travel industry has been one of the most hard-hit sectors throughout the pandemic, with thousands of holidays cancelled and very few booked for the future as a result of the continued uncertainty.

There’s no doubt that all businesses have been affected by the restrictions in one way or another, but the general consensus is that the travel industry will be the last sector to recover, and will receive very little support from the government whilst the market recovers.

Until the public feels reassured that holidays can and will go ahead, and while many workers remain on the Job Retention Scheme on a reduced salary, many will understandably put off booking their holidays. Therefore, the lack of income generated will continue to put jobs in the travel industry at risk.

However, as always, we remain optimistic that as soon as other sectors start to recover, more people will feel secure in their jobs and therefore feel comfortable booking a holiday.

Remember, if you’re looking to get away this year, make sure your trip is fully protected it is essential that you take out travel insurance on the same day as you book your holiday. That way, should anything unexpected happen before your departure date, your holiday will be protected.

If you’re also concerned about your job security given the currently climate, you can also look for a policy that includes cover for cancelling your holiday in the event that you are made redundant.