In recent news reports, it has been revealed that the UK government is expected to announce the introduction of Covid-19 testing at airports in the coming days.

It is thought that airport testing could be an alternative solution to the existing 14-day quarantine restriction for those returning to the UK from a country that is deemed as a ‘high risk’, allowing travellers to leave and enter Britain with confidence that they are not infected with or spreading the coronavirus.

There have also been suggestions that the testing strategy may have two different elements to it, as those travelling for business and those travelling for leisure will have different needs.

The new testing regime is likely to be trialled at Heathrow airport initially and then extended to other UK airports if it proves to be a success.

A successful airport tracing system will not only reduce the amount of time that British tourists have to isolate once returning from countries excluded from the travel corridor list, but it will also help the struggling travel industry to slowly start recovering.

However, who carries the cost of the tests has not yet been reported. With the cost of a private Covid test being anything between £100 to £200 it is hoped that this won’t be another cost burden for the consumer.

Many people have been put off the idea of having to self-isolate and thus have opted for a UK break instead this year. So, there is no doubt that a positive testing system and a reduction in the number of days in quarantine for those returning to the UK will be a step forward for the whole travel industry.

The testing policy is due to be announced in the coming days, so keep your eyes peeled for more information, as we may be able to enjoy some winter sun after all!

Please note, it is important to remember that you should always follow the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) advice about which countries you should and shouldn’t travel to, as many travel insurance policies will exclude cover if you travel against the FCDO advice.

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