Several more cruise operators have revealed that anyone wanting to enjoy a cruise holiday this summer will need to be vaccinated first.

The news comes as two major cruise providers announced that travellers will be required to prove that they have received both doses of the coronavirus vaccine to board the ship. One cruise line later confirmed that the second vaccine must have been received at least a week before the trip takes place.

Guests will also be expected to have travel insurance that includes medical and repatriation cover, as well as cover for medical expenses related to Covid-19, another cruise operator later added.

Thankfully, the majority of insurance providers now offer cover for medical expenses and emergency repatriation related to Covid-19 as standard.

However, it’s worth knowing that most standard travel insurance policies will not cover the loss of any associated expenses such as cabin confinement should sickness break out and you need to isolate. Remember, just because you’ve had the vaccine, doesn’t mean that you can’t catch the virus in a milder form!

Standard policies also do not tend to provide cover for missed ports or missed pre-paid excursions as a result of adverse weather, a change to the itinerary, or cabin confinement.

Therefore, it is important that anyone embarking on a cruise, whether it is abroad or here in the UK, invests in a cruise-specific policy or cruise extension so that are covered for the majority of situations that could occur during a cruise holiday.