The European Commission has announced that details of the proposed vaccine passport, officially known as the ‘Digital Green Pass’ will be outlined later this month.

The announcement is expected to reveal how the pass will include proof of valid vaccination, evidence of a valid and negative COVID test result, and also provide details around whether the individual has previously had the disease.

While this is promising news for the travel industry, holidaymakers should be aware that if ‘Digital Green Passes’ become mandatory to enter certain destinations, then it will be essential that tourists comply with the necessary entry requirements. The reason we say this is because most travel insurers will not cover denied entry or cancellation costs as a result of arriving at a destination without the correct documentation.

While we will continue to provide updates around the new ‘Digital Green Pass’, we would recommend that anyone with an upcoming holiday keeps an eye on the entry requirements for the country they are due to travel to, as we anticipate that there could be a rush to download the ‘Digital Green Pass’ when it launches. Remember when the GHIC went live and the website crashed?

Of course, a ‘Digital Green Pass’ isn’t the only documentation essential for a holiday and travellers must continue to buy adequate travel insurance to protect their holiday should Covid-19 spoil their plans

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