As more countries require visitors to arrive with proof of a negative Covid-19 test, Gatwick Airport has seized the opportunity and introduced a new PCR testing scheme.

From November 30, passengers and flight attendants flying from Gatwick will be able to take a subsidised PCR test for just £60 – almost half the cost of a usual private Covid test. Not only that, but the new system will also be available to those that live near the airport and want a little extra reassurance that they aren’t Covid positive.

However, those who have a test for reassurance purposes, and are not travelling via Gatwick, will have to pay a slightly higher fee of £99. Still, this price is cheaper than the current £150 PCR tests that are available on the market.

Additionally, holidaymakers are being urged not to leave their tests until their departure date, as Gatwick has advised that tests can take up to 24 hours to analyse.

While this is a step in the right direction, recent announcements from ABTA may well have lost some confidence in those looking to get away.

In a statement, ABTA confirmed that UK holidaymakers who are prevented from going abroad by lockdown laws are not entitled to a refund. This news comes as a huge blow for any Scottish residents living within a level 4 restriction area with an upcoming trip, as they are currently subject to a travel ban whereby it is illegal for them to travel outside of their council area.

ABTA’s comments may also have caused concern for residents in other parts of the UK as it highlighted how sudden changes in government advice could leave the consumer out of pocket for a holiday they are unable to go on – with no way of claiming the costs back.

Here at Travel Insurance Explained, we have been highlighting for several weeks now that most travel insurance policies will not provide cancellation cover for a change in government advice due to Covid-19. Therefore, we strongly urge anyone looking to go on holiday in the near future to check the cancellation terms directly with the holiday provider.

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