This week the UK government issued conflicting advice on whether Brits should expect to be able to enjoy a holiday this year. While it’s not the first-time ministers have found themselves issuing different guidance, it is particularly frustrating for those desperate to book some well-deserved R&R and have something to look forward to after a year of rules and restrictions.

Speaking on BBC Breakfast, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps suggested that holidays abroad would depend on how quickly other countries can issue their supply of the Covid-19 vaccine, stating we “would have to wait for other countries to catch up”. He later added: “I simply don’t know the answer to the question of where we’ll be up to this summer. It’s too early to be able to give you that information.”

However, the holiday hockey cokey continued as the Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, also revealed that he had already booked his summer holiday to Cornwall and that “ministers are doing everything possible to make sure people can have a summer holiday this year”.

While there’s no definite confirmation on whether a summer holiday will be on the cards this year, the likelihood is that if we can escape our same four walls, it will be to a destination here in the UK first.

So, when the government finally gives us the green-light to book a good old British holiday, make sure you protect your trip with a UK-specific or staycation policy, as it is more important than ever to make sure your finances are fully protected.

A staycation or UK travel insurance policy is similar to the normal insurance policy bought to travel abroad. However, it is designed to provide more unique cover, tailored to those unfortunate mishaps that can happen during a UK getaway.

Of course, the different sorts of cover in a staycation policy do vary from provider to provider, but many will include cover for trip cancellation, accidental damage to rental properties, curtailment, medical repatriation costs, and personal possessions to name a few examples.  As ever, there is no one size fits all with travel insurance, so you must check that the policy you buy does fit your personal needs.

We have put together loads of information about the benefits of staycation cover and how it can protect your holiday. So, for more information on the different kinds of cover available, click here.