Holidaymakers are being urged to check the terms and conditions of their travel insurance policies before they buy, as it is revealed that some travel insurance providers are removing their Covid-19 cover from policies, despite only recently introducing the benefit.

The decision for some insurers to withdraw cover for cancellation and curtailment claims related to Covid-19 and changes to Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) advice, comes as a result of the ever-changing FCO guidance on ‘air bridges’.

Recent news reports have highlighted that certain insurers offering this benefit could face more of a financial risk than those who do not, with concerns that the number of claims relating to cancelled holidays will increase as the FCO continues to advise against travel to popular holiday destinations.

There are also fears that as airlines continue to fly, and refuse to compensate tourists who are abiding by the FCO advice, many customers will turn to their travel insurer to reimburse them for these lost costs.

Holidaymakers who have already bought a travel insurance policy that includes cover for cancellation or curtailment claims related to Covid-19 and changes in FCO advice, should have their claims honoured. However, we would recommend contacting your travel insurance provider directly if you have any concerns over the cover in your policy.

Those looking to buy travel insurance in the near future should understand which policies will offer the Covid-19 cover they require. Remember, travel policies will differ from provider to provider, and if you have any concerns about the cover you are buying, speak to your travel insurance provider directly.