The Foreign and Commonwealth Office is currently advising against all but essential travel to Sri Lanka. More than 250 people were killed in the Easter Sunday bombings carried out by the Islamic State, and on May 13th 2019 anti-muslim riots targeted mosques and Muslim-owned businesses.

As leisure travel is not permitted in Sri Lanka at this moment in time, those who have booked through a tour operator should inquire about the options to either change their destination or receive a full refund.

Britain’s who have not booked through a tour operator should speak to their accommodation and airline separately to discuss their options. As individual bookings are not usually covered by, the travel association, ABTA they are not under any legal obligation to issue a refund, but they may offer to re-book for a later time. If a refund is not available, travel insurance may be able to assist however most will not cover any costs related to terrorism.

Those with travel insurance that covers cancellation for any cause or cancellation for any reason which you could not have been expected to foresee or avoid, will be able to submit a claim for the cost of the holiday if unable to recuperate funds from elsewhere.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office is advising that further attacks could happen at any time. According to their website: ‘Security has been stepped up across the islands and a State of Emergency remains in place’.

It is not yet known when the Foreign and Commonwealth Office will lift the travel restrictions. Travel to Tunisia was banned for almost two years following the fatal terrorist shootings in 2015. Tourism in Sri Lanka this summer will be hard hit by the restriction but the safety of holidaymakers and locals is paramount.