Flash-flooding claims lives in Sydney, Australia

As Queensland continues to battle more than 100 catastrophic bushfires, heavy rainfall is causing flash-flooding and chaos in Sydney.

Thousands of residents in Queensland forced to flee from deadly bushfire

Residents of Queensland are being told to leave their homes immediately as more than 130 bushfires burn their way across the Queensland.

2018’s Black Friday Travel Deals

You may have noticed the shops are already promoting Black Friday deals ahead of this Friday 23rd November 2018 and it’s not just limited to televisions and shoes.

Intoxicated pilots are on the rise, and airlines are cracking down

Adverse weather, mechanical faults and industrial action are the usual culprits for delaying a flight but in more recent months alcohol consumption has been to blame.

As technology within the travel industry advances, EasyJet ensures it keeps up

Not so long-ago travellers would have found themselves heading to the local travel agent to book their holiday before packing their phrase book and heading off with only word-of-mouth recommendations.

California devastated by wildfires as blazes continue to destroy the State

Wildfires have been raging across northern California over the past few days and the death toll has risen to 31, with more than 200 people still missing.

California Wildfires thought to continue until the end of the month

Following days of destruction, and the death toll rising to just under 50 people with hundreds more still missing, firefighter crews are working endlessly to tackle the California Wildfires.

Indian Capital smothered in a toxic smog following Diwali

North India’s most important Hindu festival, Diwali, has left Delhi covered in a toxic smog, posing a serious threat to local residents and tourists in the area.

No more early morning drinks at airports?

Early morning alcohol consumption at airports has hit the news again, however this time there are talks that the Home Office may put a stop to mid-morning boozing altogether.

Primera Air goes bust, are you affected?

Primera Air announced yesterday night that it would be ceasing all operations. The low-cost airline only began offering long-haul flights…

Indonesia hit by deadly earthquake and tsunami

More than 800 people are confirmed dead following the 7.5 magnitude earthquake and subsequent tsunami which hit Indonesia on Friday.

190 Ryanair flights cancelled, what are your rights?

Irish airline, Ryanair has cancelled 190 of the 2,400 flights set to take off on Friday 28th September 2018 due to cabin crew strikes across six countries.

Typhoon Jebi causes severe disruption across Japan’s major cities

Hundreds of people have been injured and at least ten have died following Typhoon Jebi which hit Japan late yesterday evening.

Will travel insurance be made compulsory?

Over the past couple of year’s Egypt has been in the centre of the media’s attention for one reason or another and following recent events it may become compulsory…

Travel chaos for just about everyone this bank holiday

The August bank holiday is set to be a dreary one with predicted travel delays for holidaymakers adding to the gloom.

World Health Organisation warns of deadly virus

The World Health Organisation (WHO) is warning holidaymakers and brits living abroad of the mosquito-borne West Nile virus, after the number of reported infections…

Tourists banned and 164 dead following Indian Monsoon

A devastating monsoon flood has hit Kerala killing more than 164 people. A red alert has been issued across India’s southern state.

Unseasonal wildfires burn through New South Wales

Over 80 wildfires are burning their way across New South Wales, Australia, with 30 still thought to be uncontained. Fire crews are working hard to bring the blazes under control…