Flights cancelled due to rough landing in Istanbul leaving 3 dead

On February 5th 2020, a Pegasus Airline aircraft broke into three pieces during a rough landing at Istanbul Sabiha airport.

Coronavirus cases hit 24,000 and holidays have been brought to a halt

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) is now advising all UK citizens to leave China if they can, amid growing concerns of the coronavirus spreading.

Your Weekly News Roundup

Over the past week, it has been announced that 213 people have died due to the coronavirus outbreak in China, whilst thousands more have contractacted…

Storm Gloria kills 13 people and leaves four missing

Parts of Spain have been left in ruins by a catastrophic storm that has claimed the lives of at least 13 people. It is believed four people are missing.

Alicante Airport: Fire causes severe delays and cancellations

A fire broke out on the roof of a terminal in Alicante airport, Spain, at around 2:30pm on 15 January 2020. More than 2,000 passengers were evacuated.

Fears of Eruption as Taal Volcano Spews Lava

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) are advising holidaymakers of flight disruptions at Manila International Airport after the second most active…

Nationwide French Strikes cause more travel disruptions

Continued general strikes taking place in France are causing major travel disruptions to flights, ferries and Eurostar services to and from France.

Airspace Restrictions hit hundreds of holidaymakers amid Iran Crisis

Passengers travelling to and from Goa have faced delays of 36 hours due to airspace restrictions caused by the on-going dispute between the US and Iran.

US and UK military forces due to be expelled from Iraq

Following the death of Iranian general Qasem Soleimani, Iraq’s parliament have voted to expel all foreign military presence.

Australian Bush Fires Cause Chaos for Tourists

Temperatures have risen to 40C in southeast Australia causing devastation as bush fires worsen and tourists are told that they can no longer leave…

Spain is launching a ‘Cheap’ High-Speed Train Service

Spain will be launching a new low-cost high-speed train service in April 2020. The high-speed rail service named ‘Avlo’ is being introduced to compete…

Strikes in France continue to cause travel chaos for Brits

Travelling to France has become increasingly difficult over the past week and holidaymakers are facing at least four more days of strike action.

National Strikes in France: Holidaymakers face severe travel disruptions

National strikes in France will cause major travel disruptions for holidaymakers travelling to and from the country. The strikes are due to begin on…

Deadly Storm Disruptions across the U.S. could affect the UK

A deadly snow storm has claimed the lives of several people across the U.S. Vehicles have been swept away due to heavy snow and ice…

Bomb-Cyclone Blizzard Causes Severe Travel Disruptions in California

Two winter snow storms are responsible for flight cancellations affecting nearly 55 million travellers who were set to travel over the Thanksgiving holiday

French strikes mean travel chaos for Brits

On Wednesday 27th November, French farmers will be protesting against the French government for a better deal and protection.

100 Christmas Flights Cancelled as Air New Zealand Experiences Engine Problems

Air New Zealand has been forced to ground flights because of an on-going problem with the Rolls-Royce engines which are fitted in its fleet of Boeing 787-9 aircraft.

Visa rules are changing: here’s everything you need to know

Some important visa changes have occurred in the following countries and there are a few things you need to know.