On Monday, January 4th, 2021, Boris Johnson and Nicola Sturgeon announced that those living in England and Scotland would face another lockdown in an attempt to reduce the Covid-19 infection rate. While no end date has been confirmed, officials have said that the situation will be reviewed towards the of January for those living in Scotland, and mid-February for those in England.

The Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office (FCDO) has also advised Brits not to leave their homes, including to travel abroad, unless they have a legally permitted reason to do so.

This means that anyone who travels against the advice without a valid reason to do so, such as for essential work purposes, risks not only invalidating their travel insurance policy and not being covered for any claims submitted but potentially faces hefty fines and penalties for doing so.

Several tour operators have announced today that they will be contacting those with upcoming tips to discuss alternative arrangements.

We would recommend that anyone with a trip due to depart in the next few days gets in touch with their holiday provider if they have not been contacted. Otherwise, please be mindful that tour operators will be extremely busy, and if your trip is a couple of weeks away to wait a couple of days before making contact.

Sadly, while it doesn’t look like February half-term getaways will be going ahead, we remain positive that Easter will be a lot more promising, just so long as we can get the vaccine rolled out as quickly and safely as possible.

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