In an attempt to encourage tourism after a year without any visitors, Malta has introduced a scheme to pay for holidaymakers this summer.

According to reports, the Maltese tourism authority has agreed to pay travellers up to €100 (£87) when they book to stay at a hotel for at least three nights, starting from June.

The exact amount paid to travellers will vary depending on the star rating of the hotel they are staying in, but it is expected that holidaymakers will receive around €100 (£87) per person for a stay at a five-star hotel, €75 (£65) per person for a four-star hotel, and €50 (£43) per person for a three-star hotel.

€3.5 million has been set aside for the scheme and it is hoped that this benefit will bring over 35,000 tourists to Malta. However, to qualify for the allowance, the trip must be booked independently (e.g., hotel and flights booked separately), and not be part of a package holiday.

This is great news for anyone considering a trip to Malta this summer. What’s more, is that the new benefit will easily cover the required PCR test cost – so travellers shouldn’t have to pay any extra to cover these compulsory travel expenses.

Pre-departure Covid-19 tests look as though they’re here for the foreseeable. So, until they’re no longer required to leave or enter the UK, tourists must look for a policy that covers them for additional accommodation or transportation costs, if they are denied boarding as a result of failing the mandatory Covid-19 test.