With international travel set to resume in under a month, speculation is growing around which countries will be included on the “green list” in the new “traffic light” system.

While popular European destinations such as Greece, Spain, and Portugal have announced they are ready for UK holidaymakers to return to their countries, the UK government is yet to confirm whether these holiday hot spots will be on the green list from May 17.

MPs are rumoured to be putting pressure on the government to announce which destinations will be deemed as “green”, and therefore quarantine-free, by May 1. Not only to give holidaymakers the time to book a holiday but for tour operators to plan accordingly. It seems the government is keeping a close eye on the Covid-19 infection rates across the world and are therefore hesitant to advise on “safe” destinations just yet.

We would strongly recommend that anyone planning on booking a holiday in the coming weeks waits until the government unveils which destinations will be on the “green list”. The reason we say this is because should tourists book a trip to a destination that is later detailed on the “amber” or “red” list, and not be willing to isolate upon their return, they will generally not be covered by their insurer to cancel their trip.

In the event that you already have a trip booked to a destination that requires you to quarantine on your return, for example, if you had a holiday moved from last year to this year, we would recommend getting in touch with your tour operator or travel provider to see if you are able to move your trip destination or amend your travel dates, should your destination not be on the required list.